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Diamond Bar Center Wedding

design, weddingJessica1 Comment
James and Rachel Wedding Suite2.jpg

Rachel and I were roommates in college and I was so happy she asked me to design her and James' invites! Unlike all the other invitations I've done, they wanted all colors on their wedding stationery. Their wedding theme was basically the rainbow and I loved it. I did the watercolor effect and writing on my iPad then designed it on a 11x17 layout. The information and RSVP was included into one sheet with a tear off for the RSVP section. It was then folded into either a coral or blue envelope from Paper Source.


When actually designing and prepping invitations, I rarely take progress photos. Although these photos don't say much, here are some "progress" photos. I loved how the colors turned out. I printed it on my Canon printer and used my industrial cutter to cut 100 pages at a time. I love the efficiency of it. Unfortunately, I have no photos of the folded invites.

James and Rachel Wedding Suite4.jpg
James and Rachel Wedding Suite5.JPG
James and Rachel Wedding Suite6.JPG

Here's what the first draft looked like when I sent it to the couple. It certainly gives off a different feeling huh?

James and Rachel Wedding Suite3.jpg

Photography by Ivan Chen Photography

Hidden Oaks Wedding

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This wedding was at Hidden Oaks Retreat Center and it was so beautiful despite it raining the majority of the night. Terence and Elsie still looked so joyous and so happy. They wanted their invites to have an illustration of themselves and to look fun yet delicate.

2017-04-03 23.42.02.jpg

Funny story...after I finished painting their big welcome signage (below), I realized I spelled "Terence's" name "Terrence". I just died at that point. So I threw a 2 minute fit, got over it, turned the paper over and redid the whole thing. LIFE.

2017-04-03 23.42.10.jpg
2017-04-03 23.43.12.jpg

My first lettering on a donut wall. No mess ups allowed here. I had to measure and space out their names and the "Donut for each other" text on the bottom before painting the white directly on the board.

2017-04-03 23.44.29.jpg

Photography by Image is Found

Hurst Ranch Wedding

wedding, designJessicaComment

One of my favorite hobbies is designing wedding invitations. I'm a romantic and I like to make things pretty. And wedding invitations is a great avenue for all things beautiful, textile, and lovely!

To kick off showcasing some wedding designs I've done, I would like to start off with my dear friends Tim and Joce! They got married December of 2015 at a beautiful ranch in West Covina. This was the first time I've worked with watercolor and it was so much fun. It was challenging to figure out the process but as soon as I got the ink to water ratio, I felt at more ease.

I mocked up a watercolor background for the couple to see before watercoloring each individual piece. Their RSVP card was a tear off so they can send the postcard back.

Photography by Kyle Ng

The best part is that I have 2o more weddings to share with you all :)