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Foreign Creatures


Happy Valentine's Day


This weekend Aaron and I will be going to married small group and will be celebrating with 12 other couples and eating tacos with them! I hope you guys have a good time celebrating with your loved ones as well.

I hope to post more lettering and designs from now on. Aaron bought me an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for Christmas and I love it. I'm drawing a lot more and I find it to be a lot easier than lettering and drawing on paper. More fun things ahead!

Travelling to NY for Work

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Here's my final post on New York. I went for work for 2 nights and 3 days with a coworker of mine. Even though we spent the majority of the day working, we got to explore more than I thought we would! And I heard about the Breather Room for the first time. We used one of their spaces for an interview. It was great because it felt New know what I mean? The whole brick, close to other buildings, and many windows.


Yotel - located in Hell's Kitchen, Yotel is definitely unique and futuristic. They're all about customer experience and putting technology in the forefront.

Times Square - go in the day time and at night. There's a Forever 21 there that closes at 2am!
Rockefeller Center - quarter a mile away from Times Square. Flags everywhere.
Bowling Green Park - ate my burger here and so did the rest of the city. Wow eating outside for lunch? Who does that in California...
Central Park - didn't have enough time to explore and only hit south of the park. We enjoyed our Halal Guys' meals here.

Pio Pio (not pictured) - a block away from where we were staying. Popular dish is the Matador Combo. Feast for 3 really.
Rustic Table - on the corner of our hotel and a cute breakfast place to start the day.
Ippudo Westside - named best ramen and I must agree that it's pretty up there. Must get there before it opens because if you don't, then get ready for hours of waiting.
Friedman's - yummy salmon lox and toast. Try the avocado toast as well!
The Halal Guys - WHAT! Insanely good. Got the combo gyro and chicken with rice. White sauce a must.
The GoGo Grill - get the Battery Burger. It's a burger in an english muffin. Who would've thought.

Christmas Bundle

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Aaron and I have collaborated this Christmas to create a fun art and music bundle! In this Christmas bundle you will receive the following:

  • "He Will Bring Us Goodness And Light" black lettering on crew pullover gray sweater
  • 3-song solo piano Christmas EP download
  • "He Will Bring Us Goodness And Light" 2.5x3 print
  • "He Will Bring Us Goodness And Light" bookmark
  • "He Will Bring Us Goodness And Light" 1" pin

I'm really excited to share this project with you guys and Aaron did a great job arranging the 3 songs. You'll love it!

If you would like to purchase a bundle you can go to my SHOP page! There's more information there if you would like to know more about this bundle.

Ecstatic Reunion Lettering

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Happy Monday! At our young adult church group we've been going through the book of Luke and last week our pastor talked about Luke 15 and the parable of the lost son. Our elementary kids also went thru this parable during Arts Academy (week 1, week 2). Anyway, this lettering I did was for one of my pastor's points in his sermon about the father seeing his son and being ECSTATIC!