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Snociety: Theme

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After 4 months of being stuck with a's done! And now that I'm out of my stuck zone, I feel more confident in sharing our process and progress. So let's start off with our inspiration for changing up the space then we'll get more in depth in future post. When we got the restaurant, the space looked like this:

We decided to keep the wood walls and the major construction items like the countertops, flooring, and furniture. At least for phase 1. Phase 2 would be like if we had money to spend. Phase 1 is like a $2000 budget. And we know that budgets are really just a number that we kid ourselves. The wood is a tile and has a distressed look. The flooring is concrete, which I love. We wanted to bring some life into the restaurant and to be in the LA VIBE scene especially since we're located in downtown LA. So our theme word is...Urban Earthy. When it came to deciding furniture, decoration, uniform, and everything in between, we would ask ourselves..."is it urban earthy?" That was a good parameter for us to keep a cohesive theme going.

Since this restaurant was passed down to us and we were already in operation, we couldn't shut down to remodel. Plus, we didn't have the financial means to do it. So we did things little by little but fast.

Here were some inspirational photos for our Urban Earthy restaurant:

More photos to come and I'm excited to share the transformation especially when we get the funds to transform it into a beautiful urban earthy restaurant!

Coffee Table Findings

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There's been a debate in our household on whether or not we should have a coffee table. Can you guess who wants one and who doesn't?

It's me...I want one! And Aaron opposes it since he wants our home to look as minimal as possible. But can a coffee table be minimal? WHY YES IT CAN. I bought pillows for our living room couch but Aaron said no so I had to return them because they made our living room not minimal. He can win that battle because I'm going to win this battle over the coffee table. To convince him of our need and a complete furnished living room, here are some coffee tables I'm admiring.

Minimal right? But then there's the question if our new coffee table will be DIY or bought? And also the question is this safe with kids around? Possibly not but we'll deal with that when the time comes.

1 Minimalista Coffee Table  2 UO Gallery Coffee Table 3 UO Magical Thinking Diamond Coffee Table 4 Blu Dot Strut Coffee Table  5 Modrest Stilt Coffee Table 6 Oslo Coffee Table 7 Urbangreen Midcentury Modern Coffee Table 8 Ikea Sinnerlig

Upholstered End Chairs

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Our dining set is almost complete! We're still finding the perfect bench to go opposite of our gray chairs. We're leaning towards making one but I just haven't found the time to do that yet.

BUT OK! let's just admire the structure of these chairs. I found them just sitting around church (eh eh did you catch that pun?) and asked if I can have them since they weren't being used. With some trusty spray paint and new fabric, I knew this chair would look chic. 

SO OK...I used fabric that was just lying around my house and that are NOT the best. But HEY I still dig it and am liking the wrinkles.

We're still waiting for our hymn books to arrive to place them under the chair. Silly right? But a detail that I'm looking forward to.

Urban Outfitters rug / Target chairs (can't find on site anymore) / CB2 tabledining tablekitchen barstools



Kitchen Island Barstools

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Finding the right barstools got me so antsy. At first we couldn't decide if we wanted barstools at our kitchen island table since our dining table was right next to we felt like it might be too many chairs next to each other. But we decided to get them because what's an island without seating?

It took us a couple of months to find the right one at the right price. There were many barstools we loved but just couldn't justify paying for. We found these at Target and we love them because the legs match our dining table legs.

The legs were initially chrome, which worked with the rest of the chrome in our kitchen but it was a bit too shiny for us so we decided to spray paint them. I couldn't decide to spray paint the legs white or black. I tested the white but in the end we went with black to match our black dining room chairs' legs. I'm still unsure if we made the right decision but if we get tired of looking at the black legs, we'll just spray paint them white.

These were the other chairs we adored. Just look at those legs!

Perch barstool.jpeg
Bacco barstool.png

Christmas at Home

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This is our first Christmas in our new place and we're so excited! But we didn't really want to decorate our place since we just moved in (in May) and we wanted to enjoy the newness of our home still. So we decided to just add a touch of Christmas. I'm looking forward to next year when we'll possibly get a tree though.

I previously mentioned my love of flowers and I used the leftover eucalyptus and flowers from the baby shower to decorate our place.

On one of our entrance walls we hung a himmeli plant along with a swooping garland.

We also added some of the plants to our Christmas presents.

Our new dining table

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It took a long time to find a table Aaron and I both loved. This was our first big purchase since moving in. It's from CB2 and we love the wood and the hairpin legs. I was scared that the wood would be hard to maintain but wiping the table with a simple wet towel did just fine.

We had it shipped to our place since it was too big to fit in our car. We also got it 15% off for signing up for their newsletter. We found these chairs from Target, which we think works well with the wood and reminded me of the chairs we were looking into before but that were over our budget. However, the legs get wobbly now and then. We're still working on the rest of the seating so there won't be a reveal of that anytime soon.

Here's a mock up of the table in our space before we purchased it.

Kitchen Reveal

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Here's our first peak of our home! Our kitchen was designed by the builder so we didn't have a say on what can be done. We love it anyway and adore the white lacquer cabinets. The granite counter wouldn't be our first choice but we like how it hides the dust and food crumbs. The oven and microwave came with the unit so we just had to purchase our own refrigerator. We also kept with the stainless steel look and purchased some pretty awesome stainless steel kitchen goodies. Things got to match you know. But more on kitchen "accessories" later.

We were indifferent on having a kitchen island but now that we have it, we love it. It's nice when it's just me and Aaron at home and we eat breakfast on the island. It's so serene and unreal. Like we're grown ups or something.

Finding our dining table and chairs

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We like to see all our options before committing so it's been a long process purchasing furniture for our place. We looked at West Elm, Design Within Reach, CB2, MidcenturyLA, Room&Board, OverstockScandinavian Designs, and a couple of other furniture stores. Here are a couple of my favorites:

1 West Elm / 2 CB2 / 3 Design Within Reach / 4 Design Within Reach5 Design Within Reach / 6 Overstock / 7 West Elm

Aren't they beautiful?? But beautifully over our budget.

Good news is that we found our table! Bad news we haven't gotten our chairs. Still a difficult decision for that one. Check back to see what table we picked out :)