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Foreign Creatures


Men's Outerwear Findings

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Last week Aaron asked if I liked his leather outfit look. I told him he should try wearing a trench coat instead to mix things up. When we started dating I didn't really like the way Aaron dressed but he wouldn't take my advice. I gave up and eventually didn't care how he dressed. But you know...since he asked what I thought about his current look...I took advantage of it. I gathered up some cool outerwear that would fit Aaron's current style and physique. I arranged my findings from casual to formal. A Valentine's gift perhaps?

Coffee Table Findings

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There's been a debate in our household on whether or not we should have a coffee table. Can you guess who wants one and who doesn't?

It's me...I want one! And Aaron opposes it since he wants our home to look as minimal as possible. But can a coffee table be minimal? WHY YES IT CAN. I bought pillows for our living room couch but Aaron said no so I had to return them because they made our living room not minimal. He can win that battle because I'm going to win this battle over the coffee table. To convince him of our need and a complete furnished living room, here are some coffee tables I'm admiring.

Minimal right? But then there's the question if our new coffee table will be DIY or bought? And also the question is this safe with kids around? Possibly not but we'll deal with that when the time comes.

1 Minimalista Coffee Table  2 UO Gallery Coffee Table 3 UO Magical Thinking Diamond Coffee Table 4 Blu Dot Strut Coffee Table  5 Modrest Stilt Coffee Table 6 Oslo Coffee Table 7 Urbangreen Midcentury Modern Coffee Table 8 Ikea Sinnerlig

Kitchen Item Findings


Majority of our home appliances are stainless steel so we've been honing down on matching stainless steel kitchen items. But it's hard to not include copper items you know? Here are some of my favorite items. Beautiful right? We have that stainless steel mug and we love it because it doesn't sweat!

Finding our dining table and chairs

home decor, findingsJessica2 Comments

We like to see all our options before committing so it's been a long process purchasing furniture for our place. We looked at West Elm, Design Within Reach, CB2, MidcenturyLA, Room&Board, OverstockScandinavian Designs, and a couple of other furniture stores. Here are a couple of my favorites:

1 West Elm / 2 CB2 / 3 Design Within Reach / 4 Design Within Reach5 Design Within Reach / 6 Overstock / 7 West Elm

Aren't they beautiful?? But beautifully over our budget.

Good news is that we found our table! Bad news we haven't gotten our chairs. Still a difficult decision for that one. Check back to see what table we picked out :)

Kitchen Thinking

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When I think about house hunting and decorating I either think about the look of the kitchen or the look of the art room. Last night I saw this gorgeous kitchen! I was always a pure white kitchen type of person but when I saw this I had to rethink. I asked Aaron what he thought and he preferred this black accent kitchen because the black and wood adds something special to the space. But when I think about it, I would want a white tiled backsplash for easy cleaning unless there's such a thing as a wood backsplash that's easy to clean? What do you guys think?

Then the pure white!

But then, black, gold, and white!

And then you also have to consider about the kids and how these cabinets and counters will get messy and scratched up! Oh the troubles but it's so much more exciting!