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Foreign Creatures


New Years in Lake Arrowhead

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This year started off great because Aaron and I celebrated the new year at an Airbnb in Lake Arrowhead with our friends. This is the first time all 14 of us were able to take a trip together so that definitely made this trip amazing.

I also made pins for the trip that can only be earned. So whoever was in charge of food got a pin and whoever organized games got a pin. I also made a peanutizeme of each tripee because the Peanut gang is cute. Look at them!

We cooked all our meals, enjoyed a hot pot meal, played Scattergories, Settlers, white elephant, minute to win it games, had a devotional, watched many music videos, danced our way to more fun, enjoyed cotton snow indoors, and laughed our weekend away. I made a 5 minute recap video. It was so fun I couldn't shorten the video anymore. I want to remember everything. Celebrating and being with our church friends is something Aaron and I enjoy. We can rejoice in Christ together and serve each other outside of the church.

Film by Jess / Music by Aaron Lee

Movie binge in air

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We came back from our 2 week vacation to Japan last week! And while I prepare to share my fun crazy Japan posts, here are my answers that everyone's been waiting for! WHAT DID YOU WATCH?? Well, let me tell you my movie-loving friends.

This was the first movie I saw on the plane and I was so glad I saw it in the movie selection. Though it was already midnight I was determined to stay awake in all of its intensity. And it got even better when I was served Korean bibimbap in the middle of the film.


Avengers: Age of Ultron
I restarted this movie 3x between our arrival and return flights cause I would always fall asleep after Ultron comes out. Good thing I already watched this movie in theaters.


Monsters University
Another movie I already saw but it was worth another rewatch.


Hot Pursuit
I wanted comedy and I got it. There was some silly romance just stuck in there but it was still a good movie to pass time.


The Age of Adaline
Normally these type of movies would scare me because of it's sci-fi-ness but I enjoyed it! I like Blake Lively so I watched. And movies that make you tear deserves a shout out.


I watched this one in sync with Aaron. We heard that it didn't get good reviews in theaters so we didn't watch it right away. BUT we both liked it! Yay George Clooney!


Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
I chose this movie cause of its cast. To top it off, lines in the movie that says the title of the movie is sometimes genius. Fun movie I must say.


Will Smith plays another role as the smart dude. I like that guy.


Boyhood (attempted)
The 180 minute duration scared me already so I skimmed the movie. Hard for me to watch when I'm stuck sitting for so long already.


Book of Life (attempted)
The visuals seemed cool! But I fell asleep since it was 3am real time.

Symposium Video


For the past 3 or 4 months a couple of us at my work have been brainstorming, filming, and editing a video for our annual Liferay Symposium (conference) for North America, which will be in Boston, MA this year. Our first shooting and final video was rejected so we did it again but then that one was rejected as well so we did another final one and it got approved! My coworker filmed it and I edited this beastly thing. I say beastly just because we've gone thru 3 filming and editing and it has been quite exhausting. But here it is!