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Foreign Creatures


Disneyland Pass?


Aaron and I are reaching our dilemma about renewing our Disneyland pass. We've had a Disneyland pass since we've been together, which is about 5 years now. Every year we're always thinking about not renewing and the possibility of not having one is getting higher and higher because of the cost. But going to Disneyland is one of our favorite pastimes. And it gets more fun when we go with our other yes, we're definitely going to renew! We're going with the lower pass which is about $300...yikes! That used to be the cost of a Deluxe pass. Anyway, it works for us because we're only free to go on the weekdays and that pass allows us to only go on weekdays with the exception of summer weekdays.

Last week we witnessed the magical mops! They mopped up Mickey and Goofy!

Mad T Party


Aaron and I love going to Disney California Adventure to watch the entertainment at Hollywood Studios Mad T Party. There's a live band, dancing, street performers, drinks, an arcade and lots of lights. It sounds silly but we just like to go and sit and watch the show. I'm already excited for the next time we can go!


A Morning in LA

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Aaron and I both agreed that this past weekend was probably one of our best weekends yet because we spent it with family and friends nonstop. But this post will only be about what we did on our very eventful morning on Saturday. All photos are taken with an iPhone 5s too! We picked up our first Abundant Harvest box in Pasadena and we were so excited to use it this week. Yay organics!

We then visited our friend Rachel, the baker, at her job Proof Bakery and we caught her right when she was on break. We wanted to try the kale or bacon quiche but they were all sold out! Rachel says they're normally the first ones to be sold out. So we tried the ham and cheese croissant and ordered a macchiato. We also tried the pistachio croissant, which was so good!


After that we walked around Atwater Village and visited Sew L.A., Alias Books East, Boho Upcycle and Out of the Closet.


And lastly, we headed to Koreatown to try Honeymee, which has soft serve vanilla ice cream with drizzled honey or with a honeycomb. I tried the honeycomb because I never had it before and it was pretty good. I didn't like the little bits of pieces in it though. Aaron got the Sweetie, which is the soft serve with drizzled honey. THAT was worth it.

We were exhausted after this weekend but we would definitely do it again and again!

Earth to Jupiter Shoot


A month ago at a wedding, I shot some Earth to Jupiter photos for their website. Some exciting things are happening for ETJ and I'm glad to be a part of it. They're prepping their next album with a couple new songs and new mixes of past songs. Aaron's mixing skills has improved since the last album and he's been working really hard at that's definitely something I'll share with you all when their album is ready! In the meantime, here are some photos I shot of them.