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Foreign Creatures

Naming Him Linus Nile Lee

adoptionJessica1 Comment
2019-04-28 16.25.16.jpg

Wow it’s been great to share the news with you all and to hear all your joyous responses via email, text, blog comments, and in person! Aaron and I are so happy to have you in our lives and to praise God with you in this occasion. Here’s the meaning and story behind his name.

Aaron wanted a biblical name for all of our kids. I was able to “convince” Aaron that the name just had to be mentioned in the Bible. So it could be off the walls like “arrow”, “cloak”, “Exodus” and so on. I didn’t choose an obscure word/name this time. My criteria was that the name just had to be uncommon. Aaron threw out some names and “Linus” stood out to me. Linus is mentioned once in the Bible in 2 Timothy 4:21.

Do your best to come before winter. Eubulus sends greetings to you, as do Pudens and Linus and Claudia and all the brothers.

We chose the middle name about a year ago. In Exodus 1, Pharaoh decreed that all newborn males must be killed in fear that they would overrule him. Moses was born during this time and his mother hid him for 3 months before she could no longer hide him from Pharaoh’s wrath. In Exodus 2, Moses was put in a basket and placed in the Nile River. It so happened that Pharaoh’s daughter and her attendants would be the ones to find Moses and adopt him.

We purchased this Reva changing basket to be used as his changing table. Another nod to Moses in a basket.

My grandma can’t pronounce Linus so we told her she can call him “Lion”. I like that name as well. We’ve been calling him baby so even I have to get used to calling him Linus hahaa.