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Linus' Birthstory

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On March 29 (day after my birthday), Aaron and I got a call from our agency. A birthmom saw our portfolio and wanted to meet us the next week. After a couple of weeks of going back and forth on a date, we finally met her mid-April. We were cautious on this meetup since it was difficult finding a time to meet and because of our last match in October that didn’t go thru. Baby boy was expected to be due May 2 (later we would find out that this wasn’t the actual due date) and after our meeting, we were told that we were officially matched. Still, we were cautious and wanted to guard our hearts. I was struggling with how much heart I should put towards this one. If this was the one, I wanted our child to know that I was prayerfully preparing myself emotionally and mentally for him. I wanted him to know I was prepared to love him even before I met him. Some days I would be so happy and other days I would be struggling and anxious.

We told our parents a week later on April 24. Both sides of our family was sensitive to the situation and to our feelings - knowing that this adoption might not go thru. But also prepared knowing a new baby will be a part of our family soon.

On Friday April 26, Aaron and I had a weekend staycation planned where we would go to Disneyland and go out to work (we love to just go to a boba/coffee shop and do work or get creative). That morning I dropped off Aaron at work then I went to a coffee shop to do some work before our staycation in Anaheim. We haven’t heard from our agency since the meetup so I texted our social worker to see if there’s any updates before we head into the weekend. Our agency doesn’t really work on the weekend so I wanted to get clarity before heading into our staycation.

An hour later she texts us that the birthmother is either going into labor or experiencing braxton hicks. We assumed braxton hicks since baby still had a week left. In the case he was going to be born, I went to Target to see if I can buy a baby carseat infant insert. While at Target we got the word that baby boy has been born! I quickly got snacks and a card for the birthmom from Target. I was in the card aisle for 5 minutes trying to figure out the right card to get someone in a situation like this. This was also the 3rd day I had a cold. I was so worried that baby would get sick. Also, I was still thinking “is this real?” “maybe she will change her mind”.

I picked Aaron up, then we headed to the hospital. We waited in the lobby for about an hour before we went to the labor and delivery floor. We gave them our driver’s ID then was escorted to the birthmom’s room along with baby boy. We didn’t get a chance to hold the baby since we went in the birthmom’s room with the baby right away. We made conversation with her and about 30 minutes later we got a separate room to bond with our baby boy.

2019-04-26 18.41.55.jpg

We packed our bags that weekend for a 2 night staycation at an Airbnb in Anaheim but ended up having a 2 night staycation at a hospital with our baby boy. It was definitely God’s plan for us to have our toiletries, clothes, and items we needed to stay at the hospital overnight.

We’ve been slowly telling the rest of our family and friends. Technically we were fostering from the time he was born until approximately 10 business days since the paperwork needed to be finalized. So anything could happen between that time. Therefore, we were pretty discreet during that time. Those 10 days have now passed and he is now ours! We do have more legal and court stuff to do with our agency but Linus is a part of our family now.

It’s been a shock for a lot of people since we didn’t tell people that we were matched. It was a shock to us too how fast it happened even though we knew we were matched. It’s been unbelievable to care and love a newborn baby so suddenly.

Here’s me thinking “Should I document that I was here at the hospital?”

Here’s me thinking “Should I document that I was here at the hospital?”

Aaron and I plan to keep any history and information about the birthmom to ourselves. We plan to tell Linus and then it’ll be up to him if he chooses to tell others. We have an open adoption, which means open communication with the birthmom. She is very sweet and we’re very happy that she is in his life.

Here are some ways you can pray for us:

  • For us to love and bond with Linus. He wasn’t born in my womb…we didn’t have 9 months to prepare for this exact boy. Pray that we can love him. It sounds so simple but this is part of the adoption process.

  • For a good relationship with the birthmom. She is kind and I do keep in contact with her. It’s such an interesting relationship and difficult to describe but please pray that it’ll be good.

Oh goodness there’s just so much to share but I’ll save this blog post just on Linus’ birthstory. Is there anything specific you guys would want to learn or hear about? We are very excited about Linus and our adoption journey is still going even though he is with us, his forever family. I want to share more about this adoption journey because this is God’s story for our lives. And I wouldn’t want to keep that a secret.

We praise God for gifting us with a wonderful baby boy and we are so grateful for all our family and friends who have walked and continue to walk with us during this journey. Thank you for all your prayers. God has answered many many prayers and we don’t want to forget that.