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4 Women I Met Up With in 2019

2019-02-06 07.37.08.jpg

I am a huge introvert and I like to stick with what I know and the people I am comfortable with. It’s hard for me to be social but when I do, I always feel blessed after the conversations I have. The beginning of this year I happened to meet up with 4 different women. It wasn’t forced and I am so happy that I did.

A high school friend
I haven’t seen this friend in 10+ years. I saw on Instagram that she went to our 10 year high school reunion and then I messaged her. We met up and it was so great to catch up on life! The old times and current.

My husband’s cousin
I’ve talked about the challenge of adoption quite often and Aaron’s cousin is also planning to start a family. We shared similarities and bonded over family, joys, and challenges.

One of our restaurant’s customer
This girl bought our Los Angeles sign. She’s also a creative and it was so encouraging for me to talk to her. We also discussed family life and creative goals. I’m so happy that Snociety led me to this friend.

A church’s graphic designer
I was connected to this person from one of my church’s coworker. This girl just moved from Texas and I thought it would be nice to meet her especially since we have a lot of common interests and career goals. We shared what it’s like to work for a church and shared some of the art we’ve been working on.

I value my friendships with these women and I hope to continue my relationship and conversations with them. Stepping out of my comfort zone is hard (obviously) but when I do, there’s no regrets and I feel rejuvenated and joy.