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Future Church Lobby and Lounge Concept

design, churchJessica2 Comments

I am so excited about this space! This is a NEW space. I wanted to dream big without rules or limitations. To not be constricted by making a room a classroom just because it has 4 walls. In the end, will the space really look like this? Probably not but I'm glad these ideas are a part of the conversation. Also, a huge part of the design is also credited to the video contractor who also 3D rendered the necessary items and placed things accordingly with their design judgment.


Getting church approval can be difficult. There are a lot of people which means there are a lot of opinions. Our lead and project manager gave us creative freedom on what to do with the space. We knew we needed to be realistic but we also knew we could challenge the modern church design. I knew exactly what I didn't want our church to look like so let's start off with that. If you do a quick search on church interior design you'll probably see images similar to this. I wanted to break away from this and focus on being a practical vibrant church.


I approached each room by asking the following questions:

  1. What is this room going to be used for?
  2. Who will be using this room?
  3. What type of design and furniture will complement the purpose of the room (function before aesthetics)

After getting a general idea of the type of room I was designing, I created a mood board and a layout of the room.


When I first saw the floor plan, this space was 2 separate rooms. I wanted to knock down the wall to open the space and create a larger walk way for our congregation before entering the multipurpose room. Our church has a focus on discipleship and I wanted to be smart about this space. But this idea will have to be part of a longer discussion. We presented this challenge to our contractor and he created this glass partition to divide the space. Giving us the option to use this space as one big room or as two rooms. And it looks amazing!

Lobby View from Reception.jpg
Lobby View from Reception2.jpg

I wanted this next room to be a space where people can meet up. Our church emphasizes discipleship and I wanted this space to be that environment for people...for small groups, individual meet ups, or to study. Another dream is to have a coffee bar or section. There's discussion on having another designated space for it but for now, it's in the corner of this room.


We're still a long way into furnishing the interior of the building which is great! It gives us more time to think about the space and to be SMART about our decisions.