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Future Church Library Concept

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The last room I designed a concept for is the library. I wanted this space to be filled with seating for studying and for working and I wanted to line one whole wall with a bookshelf. There's also a nook for a more comfortable reading space. For the walls, I did a quick vibrant geometric design.

Library 2.jpg
Library 3.jpg
Library Reading Area.jpg

I was thinking about making a part of this space child friendly but in the end I decided not to because there would've been more factors to consider. I chose muted colors for the furniture to create a calming vibe. Though now looking at it, the walls are not calming. But I needed a quick solution in the 1 month we had to design this project. I also really like these concrete pendants above the tables. I also wanted the tables to be perpendicular to the wall to make the space look a bit wider.


Just 2 weeks ago our church formed an AV and interior design team for the new building. The pastors finalized what each room would be utilized for and it's now our job to come up with a more concrete design. The project will take several months so there won't be any progress to share just yet. But there are definitely more designs to share in the future!