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Foreign Creatures

Future Church Children Room Concept

church, designJessicaComment

Let's move on to the children's room upstairs! I wanted this space to be themed. So we temporarily chose a mountain theme. We didn't want a ton of color because we know this space would be filled with kids and colorful craft items.

Again, this isn't a set design. This room might not even end up being a children's room. But for the purpose of the video, we chose to design for a children's worship space.

Children's Room 1.jpg

I wanted a stage to create hierarchy and a story-telling vibe. One side of the wall will hold all craft materials and miscellaneous items while the other side of the wall has an enlarged map of the world. For the seating, I wanted something that could work as a seat and as a table. So hypothetically, the bins can be taken out from underneath, flipped over and be used as a seat and the top part of the furniture would be used as a table. HYPOTHETICALLY! hahaa. The design on the ceiling acts as the cloud and creates dimension and interest in the space.


So it's a pretty simple design that could use a bit more work. But for our timeframe and budget, this design did it's purpose.

Children's Room 2.jpg