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Concept Design for our Church Expansion

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Front View.jpg

Our church is in the process of building a new structure in our current land for many years. In the past couple of months construction has started and we see progress in physically expanding our church. In the beginning of the year, the building committee wanted to show awareness of the project to the rest of the congregation. I was asked to help with the interior design of the new building via a virtual video tour.

I was so excited to be a part of this team because 1) I love the church 2) I love design. I have no school background in interior design but to be able to be a part of this, I was for sure willing to do research and spend many many hours coming up with a design that makes sense, that's practical, and aesthetically pleasing.

The goal of this project was to create a video for the congregation to see what the new building could look like and to raise funds to complete the building. We only had 1 month to design it and to go back and forth with our video vendor to create something we were happy with.

Our church design team consisted of a project manager, a lead, and 2 designers. The other designer focused on the MPR while I focused on the rest of the rooms. We all gave creative input on the exterior of the building. Our church hired a contractor to make our concept and vision into a visual experience video. So our team's focus was to come up with a concept and look so our contractor can make the space come alive.

We had 1 month to produce something amazing and I was working on this project while still owning Snociety and working part time at my job. 1 month is a very short amount of time. We were showing this video to our church of about 1000 people. They could love it or hate it. This will be their first impression! Our design decisions within this 1 month could possibly change and is not set in stone. But whatever design choices we chose would stick with the congregation - whether or not our building could look like that in the end.

Back View.jpg

Here's the video that took us 1 month! I'll be posting about the process of the rooms I designed and how I came up with each room's concept in the future weeks.