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My 2 Month Sabbatical

Photo by:  Musicgoon

Photo by: Musicgoon

In 1 week my sabbatical will be over! I wanted to protect my 2 months after Snociety by resting, refreshing, and refocusing. I went to Chicago with my friends, Disney World with Aaron and had a ton of spontaneous fun with my friends. I was able to rest and refresh but not refocus quite yet. These past 2 months were filled with so much home projects and fun stuff that I haven't been able to do art for myself - that would be the refocusing part. Ideally I would like 1 more month of saying "no" to things like freelance work and serving at church but I can't justify another month without feeling guilty and selfish. 2 months is already a long time to recuperate from 1.5 years of Snociety stress.

During my sabbatical I said I would only commit to working at my part-time job and designing Sunday church announcement slides which is only once a week. But it's hard to narrow my workload when I love to work and do stuff. I cheated my promise to myself 3x already but I have no regrets. They were opportunities I wanted to do and I didn't want to pass up. More to share on that later!

Sabbatical is a time to rest but I obviously define my sabbatical by doing more projects. Here are the things I had planned to do and the things I've accomplished in 1.5 months.

  • clean every inch of the house (but really...i have 3 more boxes to clear out)
  • container boxes for every room
  • get a nightstand
  • take cake decorating class
  • make car emergency kits
  • set up skin routine

Things I still need to do. It may not be done by next week but I will get it done somehow, sometime.

  • organize all photos
  • Hawaii trip video
  • SF trip Video
  • Kirstie bachelorette video
  • Chicago trip video
  • HK trip video
  • Shanghai trip video
  • add wedding photos to portfolio
  • DIY kitchen set
  • make a baby rattle
  • learn to do the splits
  • learn Korean
  • sell shoes
  • learn about US history
  • play piano
  • update portfolio
  • make a video portfolio
  • make game boards
  • make iPad stand
  • make yarn hanging artwork
  • prep baby stuff
  • take dance class
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2018-05-09 09.58.40.jpg
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