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Foreign Creatures

Snociety: Weekly Schedule

2017-11-17 13.05.17.jpg

Something I really want to share is how we run the business while doing everything else we do. Other than Snociety, the other biggest things on our plate are church-related things, Aaron's full-time job, my part-time job, and family/friend life. It took us a long time to figure out how to balance everything we do. There are definitely days when I feel like it's too much for us and when I feel like I just need to sit.

I learned that the best thing for my schedule is to allot time for each thing. I allot work hours for my part-time job, freelance work, relaxing, watching TV, and etc. A benefit is that I can concentrate on the task at hand without distractions. It also reduces my stress and helps me balance my time. You will see this clearly on Wednesdays when I schedule everything Snociety-related. I try to be strategic. So on Tuesdays I create a shopping list of all the food items to buy on Wednesday to last us until the following Wednesday.


  • Every other Monday I collect timecards


  • Make a shopping list of what I need to buy or what I need to ask our vendor to ship on Wednesday

Wednesday (Depending on what we need, I may or may not have to go to all the markets. This would be the order I do things as well. Geographically it makes sense too)

  • One West Bank - exchange money, get coins
  • Restaurant Depot - where I get most of our produce items
  • Chinese Market - where I get only a few of our produce items
  • NT Foods - where I get bulk items of paper products and drink ingredients
  • Costco/Costco Business - where I get most of our paper products, office supplies, and kitchen supplies
  • Input receipts to Quicken - after shopping in the morning I make note on each receipt on how much I spent in each category (food, paper products, office supplies, etc) then input it into Quicken. Organizing our finances is another big subject that deserves its own blog post.
  • Count cash money from the previous Wednesday to Tuesday - I count a weeks worth of money that we receive per day from the register and make sure the cash on hand matches the cash that Clover records. If it does not, then we have to go to our camera feed to see if anyone stole any money.
  • Input Cash to Quicken - after counting the cash sales, I input the amount into Quicken as one transaction
  • Input CC to Quicken - I go into Clover and input every days' credit card sales into a separate transaction. So that means I would input 7 deposited transactions every Wednesday into our checking account.
  • Input Chow Now to Quicken - this is our online ordering application. Every day we get a disbursement of our earnings and I would input the amount of sales into our Quicken on the days we get online sales.
  • Reconcile cash - after counting all our cash on hand, I make sure the cash I have in our safe, registers, and cash register drawer equal the amount of cash recorded in our Quicken account. It's always the best to make sure cash on hand matches the cash on record.
  • Put money in cash drawer - I put change into one of our locked drawers at the shop in case the registers are running low on smaller bills or coins. Every week I would exchange large bills in the drawer for smaller bills. On days other than Wednesdays, if the register is running low on smaller bills, I would exchange it for the small bills we have in the locked drawer.
  • Schedule - I try to schedule employees 2 weeks in advance. Some weeks it may be hard to schedule 2 weeks in advance because we're going thru transitions of new employees, holidays, and availability change. This is the day I use to make sure schedules are out and that our employees are good with their shifts.
  • Payroll - I do this every other week since our payroll is bi-weekly. I would count our employees hours and tips and then send it to our bookkeeper. She'll do her thing and send me the checks to print myself  when she's done; which is normally the day after.
  • Order from vendors - I would text a couple of our vendors for shipment of fish and other items on this day. Normally they would deliver the next day or on the coming Friday.
  • Shopping list - I double check if I'm missing any items that needs to be bought on Wednesdays. With over 200 items in our inventory, I can miss a few things on my Tuesday's shopping list.
  • Print invoices - we don't get many invoices via email because most of our invoices arrive when our vendors make the actual fish shipment. But some of our vendors will email us the paperwork.
  • Sauce - we have 6 sauces for our poke bowls. 5 of them I have to make and they are top secret. So this is the day I like to make it and then I have the employees help me bottle them. The yuzu sauce is my favorite to make because it's the easiest :)
2017-11-29 11.05.05.jpg

This photo doesn't do justice on how full my car could get.


  • Nothing but monitoring the shop if I'm not there


  • Print schedule - 2 days is enough time for our employees to get back to me on their schedule. There are usually a couple of changes and shift changes but by Friday, I am ready to print the schedule to put on our office wall for all our employees to see.
  • Print payroll - when it's payroll time, I would print our employees' checks in the office and give it to them. This is their happy day and my sad day.
  • Put money in cash drawer - even though I do this Wednesday, I like to make sure our cash drawer is stocked in case we get super busy on the weekends and everyone pays in cash. **credit cards really sucks for employers...


  • Nothing but monitoring the shop if I'm not there


  • Farmer's Market - this is near our church so we go after our Sunday service. We like to get some of our produce (lemons, cucumber, etc) here because it's cheaper!
  • Restaurant Depot - we pick up rice here because it's near our church as well and because they have rice in stock. In the Pasadena location, they don't always have it. Plus, Aaron can help me lift the 50 lbs. bag of rice :)

More or less this is what my weekly schedule looks like. I try to do everything while Aaron is at his full-time job so when we do have time together, we don't have mounds of errands to run. I hope that was interesting to read and I hope you got a glimpse of how we run the shop!