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Snociety: FAQ

restaurantJessica2 Comments
Photo by Ed and Al.

Photo by Ed and Al.

Photo by Ed and Al.

Photo by Ed and Al.

It's been a year since we've started running Snociety and I can't believe it's been a year. We've started it not knowing a thing about running a food and drink shop and now it is part of our daily routine. It's still a huge challenge and we're still learning a lot. Here are some frequently asked questions since starting this business.

  1. Do you still drink boba? 
    • Short answer: Yes

    • Long answer: I believe every boba shop makes their boba differently. Some places make their boba chewier while other make their boba softer. At Snociety, we make our boba on the chewier side. However, my favorite boba is at Cha for Tea. They make their boba chewy but not as hard as ours. I want to know how they do it!

  2. How's business? 
    • Short answer: It's good. It's busy during weekday lunch and slower at night and weekends.

    • Long answer: It fluctuates and is hard to predict. Weekday lunch is where we get most of our business. Weekday nights are tougher. We're currently transitioning our hours and closing 1 hour earlier on weekdays to help offset the cost. When there are events in our area, we get more traffic. We're hidden so it's a bit harder for people to find us.

  3. Do you eat poke everyday?  
    • Short answer: No.

    • Long answer: The first couple of months I ate it almost every day. In the beginning, we had kitchen staff problems so I would be the kitchen staff for the day and would cut the fish (tuna, salmon, albacore, etc). After cutting so much fish I couldn't eat salmon anymore. It was only salmon though. It was so weird. But if I forced myself to eat salmon, it tasted so good! However, we ate ayce sushi at least 3x already. I think it's the idea of eating it at OUR shop that stops me from wanting to eat so much. I never got sick from eating it. I just don't like to eat raw fish as often as before. I can still eat our cooked fish (squid, baby octopus, shrimp) though.

  4. How do you like being a business owner?
    • Short answer: It's fun! Challenging but fun.

    • Long answer: I love owning a business. BUT problems never stop. When I think we got everything handled and smoothed out, something comes up. In another post I'll be sharing all the problems we've run into. That will be a fun post to read! I would love to keep owning a restaurant or some shop of sort. Owning a shop just naturally comes with so many problems. There's no running away from it, it's just something you have to face, suck it up, and power thru.

  5. How many employees do you have?
    • Short answer: We have 12. [that's a lot!] No, it's okay.

    • Long answer: We have about 4 or 5 employees who work during the daytime, and 3 employees who work at night. Considering that we open 7 days a week and everyone's schedule changes and there are call-offs, 12 (not including Aaron and I) is a good number of employees to have.

  6. You're not working today? Who's watching the shop?
    • Short answer: No, we have employees who are taking care of the shop.

    • Long answer: I am always working. Even if we are not physically at the shop, we are always monitoring the cameras, communicating with our employees, and monitoring the finances to see if it's busy or not. Even though we are a small business, we would not be able to run the business without employees. We would burn out easily and wouldn't be able to continue. I also allocate a day where I do all my grocery shopping, finances, payroll, scheduling, and admin stuff. I'll be sharing my weekly schedule in another blog post. So stay tuned for that.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask me. I love to talk about business. I don't freely talk about it in public because I don't think people are interested. There are so many details and challenges so I think the best way for me to share them is thru this blog.