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Foreign Creatures

Updates and a Trip to Paris


I needed to organize my life before I could blog again so here is my partial return. Now on to some "fun" updates.

Sync to Dropbox NOW
So this is what happened. A month ago my work computer crashed and everything was gone. Two weeks after that happened, my home desktop computer crashed while I was syncing my files to Dropbox. Everything was gone but then I took it to Di-No Computers to get it fixed. And they did it! I thought it was gone forever but they recovered all my files. So I have all my blog posts, client work, photos since 2004, and a ton of other lovely things. I took more photos in high school than I do now so if I lost those photos, I would've been crushed.

Off to Paris
Aaron and I are off to Paris today! We are so excited but also nervous. We're excited because we just want to relax. We got our professional and personal things tidied up and we're ready to leave our duties behind to focus on our marriage and seeing Paris. Being there will also inspire us to dream big and to come up with ideas for music, art, and how we can better serve our church together. I hope to come back from Paris feeling rejuvenated and ready to create.

So we're also nervous because it's our first time traveling just us 2 internationally, it'll be raining, and we're trusting my organization and planning for this trip. I love scheduling but traveling to Paris is foreign to me, so this is a true test if I planned well. I talked to a lot of people who went to Paris and I read many blogs and articles on what to do there. There's just so many things to do that we decided to play it cool and go at our own pace and go to whatever bakery and cafe smell lures us.

Perhaps I'll blog a bit while I'm there. I still have a lot to share from our Japan trip last summer and on our home that I'm excited to post. I'll also be sharing some exciting news soon! Not yet because I'm not ready to share it publicly. Just know that it is something we're very excited about and that it's worth reading.