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Foreign Creatures

Japan: Fukui Part 1


Fukui is where my brother-in-law Nate lives. He's been there for about 2 years now teaching English. We were told that older people lived in this country area and they're kind of known for dinosaurs. I got this really cute blue and yellow dinosaur backpack for my nephew. Places are not that close in proximity so we rented a car. It was great staying here because we got to visit Nate's church, where he worked, and we got to do a lot of traditional stuff like making soba noodles, going to festivals, and an onsen. We spent 5 days here so we took our time and relaxed :)

See after the photos to see a list of our expenses

Festival - there are a lot of festivals in the summer and they're free so I recommend visiting one while you're there and eat as much as you can. We tried scallops, takoyaki, egg waffle and crepe!
Lpa Shopping Center - we shopped here twice and there's a ton of stuff from clothing, gifts, food, to stationery items
Bunkyo Gospel Center - we attended this church on Sunday. It was great to see Christians worshipping God from a different country. They also had english translators and a lot of english speaking people there
Wego - clothing shop where I bought a cute skirt and top
Seria - equivalent to daiso or the dollar store in US. Tons of great stuff
Tea Ceremony - we attended a tea ceremony for the junior high and high schoolers. We decided not to participate in it and just watched
School - we went to Nate's school and they had summer class going on. We had to wear slippers indoors and got to see some students play the taiko

Hacchouya - dinner here was great! We ordered some sashimi and hot pot. We went here twice because they open late
Circle K - convenient store that you can find anywhere
Venice de Bakery - located in Fukui station, it's a great place to get bread for breakfast or anytime of the day really
Akiyashi Yakitori - we had dinner here with Nate's church friends. We tried basically every yakitori they had and it was delicious!!
Revolving sushi - it was fun going to these restaurants. One trip we got to order from a LCD screen and another place we just had to grab the fish off the revolving belt

EXPENSES (for 2) by days according to video
Day 1 - Fukui
Hacchouya dinner - 2000
Circle K ice - 498

Day 2 - Fukui
Venice de Bakery - 713
Doutor iced green tea - 340
Ham - 500
Scallop - 400
Takoyaki - 500
Egg waffle - 300
Strawberry crepe - 500
Snail shell- 300
Seven eleven - 895

Day 3 - Fukui
Venice de Bakery - 456
Rice - 300
Wego - 3218
Seria - 108
Headband - 842
Grove headband - 1512
Akiyashi Yakitori - 3827