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Foreign Creatures

Japan: Osaka

travelJessica1 Comment

Welcome to the beginning of our adventure! I shared last week about some Japan observations but here is where the real stories begin.

We flew with Asiana Airlines and arrived at Osaka. Aaron, Hannah (Aaron's sister), and I met up with Nate (Aaron's brother) and their Aunt Jane at an Airbnb in Osaka when we arrived. After we got out of the airport we walked quite a long way to reach our destination. Our excitement to be in Japan surpassed our 15 hours of traveling grogginess. We just spent 1 day in Osaka but it was the best. My favorite was the takoyaki. Here's our Osaka recap :)

See after the photos to see a list of our expenses

Our first meal was at Ichiban Ramen (of course!) and it was my favorite ramen I had the whole trip. YUMMMMY yummy. Then we walked around some more and was in fascination of all the lights and culture.


A breakfast in Japan! So simple and a great way to start off our morning.

Osaka was the perfect first destination for us in Japan. We enjoyed the street food, lights, arcades, soda machines on every corner, and the simplicity of life.

EXPENSES (for 2)
Day 1 - Osaka
Nankai station - 2000
Station - 360
Pepsi -100
Green da ja ra - 140
Green tea - 140
Takoyaki - 200
Ichiban Ramen - 1820
Zombie (arcade) - 200
Fujiya restaurant mango snow chocolate parfait - 600
Family Mart - 266

Day 2 - Osaka
Cafe Ranger egg, toast, coffee - 760