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Foreign Creatures

Japan: Observations


Aaron, Hannah (Aaron's sister), Aunt Jane (Aaron's aunt) and I visited Nate (Aaron's brother) in Japan last August and I am now ready to share with you our adventure! Our version of an adventure is relaxing, site visiting, and lots of food, which we definitely did this trip. Since Nate lives in Japan, we got to experience a lot of Japan's cultural and do a lot of things we wouldn't have thought about doing if it wasn't for his expertise. I won't be sharing too much on exactly where we ate and what we did because I did not keep track of the restaurants we were at. And having signs in Japanese did not motivate me enough to log it. I'll be sharing videos I made from each city we visited so that'll give you a good idea of what we did. But let me start off with some things I noticed in Japan. 

Drinks are smaller
When we ate at restaurants, the cups were noticeably smaller.

Fewer Napkins
I'm the type that uses a lot of napkins every meal so I had to make sure not to make a mess when I ate.

People don't get mad when you run into them
Some areas in Japan are very crowded and there's no denying that you'll bump into someone. But people there are so kind and don't give you the stink eye or push you around when there is limited space.

Sweet language tone
They are so nice. They treat people with care and are very gentle.

Everything was louder
When we were at Tokyo Disneyland, it was noticeably louder - music, rides, and show effects. We found that our group were the only ones who screamed on the rides. Were we being rude?

I only noticed one gesture that was confusing. When we waved to the workers at Disneyland, a lot of time they mistook it for a "no".

Merchandise bags are taped
All bags were taped after we purchased something. Not sure what their intent for this is but I like this idea. It made me feel like our purchases were complete.

Women making ramen
I noticed that a lot of women were making ramen. This might be true here in LA too but I felt like there were just a lot more than I thought there would be.

Bug bites
It's not uncommon to get bug bites but I wanted to share that I got so many on both my legs since the start of the trip. We tried several medications but it helped only for a short time. It was rough getting thru the days but I was in no complaining there.

Check back next week to see our time in Osaka, our first destination :)