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Foreign Creatures

Japan: Kyoto


Third day, another prefecture. KYOTO it is! This was our most sightseeing day. There's also a chance that I might not be labeling these places correctly :) But know that it's all around Kyoto anyway. We went straight to Fushimi Inari-taisha after visiting Nara Park then spent the day sightseeing. There are luggage lockers in popular tourist locations in the train stations so that's where we left our luggage while we travelled in between prefectures. I also bought a lot of handkerchiefs in Kyoto...the patterns and fabric here are great.

We stayed at an Airbnb and this is where I got royally owned. I woke up with 10+ bug bites and regretted not bringing medicine to Japan with me. After our first night in Kyoto we went to the market early morning to get breakfast and snacks for our 4 hour trip to Fukui (post to be released next). We ate our breakfast at our Airbnb then went to the train station right after that. We spent 1.5 days in Kyoto. Now watch our adventure!

See after the photos to see a list of our expenses

Fushimi Inari-taisha - so amazing and so glad we made it here. This is the place with those orange red structures
Bamboo Forest - definitely a must see. Bamboos to the sky and it was just green everywhere. My favorite place we visited in Kyoto
Toei Kyoto Studio - this is like a universal studios park in LA in terms of how they make films but no rides or anything. There are some free shows and a lot of other shows that you have to pay more to see. We didn't pay extra for the shows and were still able to enjoy a good amount of the studio. If you're short on time, you can pass on this place
Nishiki Market - it was closed by the time we got here. We were bummed cause we really wanted to get some food there but it's time
Gion Corner - we didn't make it in time but Nate and Hannah got to go! They saw a geisha show and they said it was great

Super Daikokuya Market - we grabbed breakfast here in the morning. It was a normal grocery market and they had tempura, sushi, and some other breakfast goodies that you can grab yourself. It was pretty tasty and a fun breakfast to have
Vermillion Espresso Bar - yummy coffee and a comfort drink if you will. This place was located on the outskirts of Fushimi Inari-taisha
Buckwheat noodles (unknown restaurant, located near Fushimi Inari-taisha) - I'm not a fan of soba noodles but this was on my list of things to try in Japan. I tried the cold soba with dipping sauce and the soba noodle soup. I preferred the latter though
Ramen (unknown restaurant) - we didn't eat dinner until late at night and found this one ramen shop that was still open. The price was very good and the ramen was less intense. Good meal right before we had to sleep
Cold Stone - okay what? Yes, there's one in Japan! It was a cart so they didn't have the whole ice cream show like we do in LA, it's more like a ice cream popsicle stick with real fruits. With the weather so hot this was the perfect snack and I enjoyed it better than the Cold Stone in LA
Milk Tea - you can pass on the milk tea here. There were no good boba shops. We enjoyed Japan's tea a lot better
Family Mart - this is like LA's 7-Eleven...there's one almost every other block. We made sure to grab a big bottle of water everyday from the mart

EXPENSES (for 2)
Day 2 - Kyoto
Locker - 800
Drink mango - 190
Station to Ken Katsu - 1120
Station to Fushimi Nara - 420
Buckwheat noodles champon - 1360
Baggage hold - 600
Handkerchief - 360
Vermillion Coffee - 500
Station to Kyoto - 280
Pepsi - 100
Station to Gion - 230
Cold stone mango shortcake - 480
Milk tea - 108
Ramen - 1000

Day 3 - Kyoto
Super Daikokuya market - 1033
Kyoto locker - 700
Saga Arayashima station - 440
Ice cream green tea, shaved ice - 740
Handkerchief - 366
Station to Toei Studio Park - 280
Family Mart mango, pizza, water - 444
Toei Studio Park - 4400
To Kyoto - 40