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Kitchen Island Barstools

home decorJessica2 Comments

Finding the right barstools got me so antsy. At first we couldn't decide if we wanted barstools at our kitchen island table since our dining table was right next to we felt like it might be too many chairs next to each other. But we decided to get them because what's an island without seating?

It took us a couple of months to find the right one at the right price. There were many barstools we loved but just couldn't justify paying for. We found these at Target and we love them because the legs match our dining table legs.

The legs were initially chrome, which worked with the rest of the chrome in our kitchen but it was a bit too shiny for us so we decided to spray paint them. I couldn't decide to spray paint the legs white or black. I tested the white but in the end we went with black to match our black dining room chairs' legs. I'm still unsure if we made the right decision but if we get tired of looking at the black legs, we'll just spray paint them white.

These were the other chairs we adored. Just look at those legs!

Perch barstool.jpeg
Bacco barstool.png