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Coffee Table Findings

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There's been a debate in our household on whether or not we should have a coffee table. Can you guess who wants one and who doesn't?

It's me...I want one! And Aaron opposes it since he wants our home to look as minimal as possible. But can a coffee table be minimal? WHY YES IT CAN. I bought pillows for our living room couch but Aaron said no so I had to return them because they made our living room not minimal. He can win that battle because I'm going to win this battle over the coffee table. To convince him of our need and a complete furnished living room, here are some coffee tables I'm admiring.

Minimal right? But then there's the question if our new coffee table will be DIY or bought? And also the question is this safe with kids around? Possibly not but we'll deal with that when the time comes.

1 Minimalista Coffee Table  2 UO Gallery Coffee Table 3 UO Magical Thinking Diamond Coffee Table 4 Blu Dot Strut Coffee Table  5 Modrest Stilt Coffee Table 6 Oslo Coffee Table 7 Urbangreen Midcentury Modern Coffee Table 8 Ikea Sinnerlig