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Kitchen Reveal

home decorJessica1 Comment

Here's our first peak of our home! Our kitchen was designed by the builder so we didn't have a say on what can be done. We love it anyway and adore the white lacquer cabinets. The granite counter wouldn't be our first choice but we like how it hides the dust and food crumbs. The oven and microwave came with the unit so we just had to purchase our own refrigerator. We also kept with the stainless steel look and purchased some pretty awesome stainless steel kitchen goodies. Things got to match you know. But more on kitchen "accessories" later.

We were indifferent on having a kitchen island but now that we have it, we love it. It's nice when it's just me and Aaron at home and we eat breakfast on the island. It's so serene and unreal. Like we're grown ups or something.