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Foreign Creatures


thoughtsJessica1 Comment

Before moving in we did a walk-through of the condo to make sure things were in order and to see if there's anything that needed to be fixed. Not everything can be fixed and not everything will be perfect so I didn't want to expect too much. You know when you buy a shirt and you make sure there's no stray thread? No problem cause you just grab another shirt until you find no flaws! Not the case here.

Before we started the walk-through I bought this pretty tape. It makes taping things a lot more fun. Aaron and I walked around the condo and taped anything and everything we saw - dents, missing paint, floor molding mishaps, missing grout, smoothness of door...anythinggggg. We were picky and we knew not everything will be fixed by the builders but at least we can remember to fix it ourselves.

We also checked every electrical plug to make sure they were working.

And we opened all drawers to make sure it was working properly.