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Foreign Creatures

A dream house?


We recently made an announcement that we bought a condo in Alhambra and we are so anxious! It was undoubtedly God's work. We've been dreaming of owning a house since we got married so our mind was always buy a HOUSE (not a condo) and nothing less than that. Here is a list of our MUST HAVES and what really happened:

Our list of MUST HAVES were all we can think about. Every home we looked at, I was visually check marking this list in my mind...5 bedrooms? Good. But $600k? No thank you. Our wants v. what we got was not close at all. So it was such a surprise and blessing to us when God led us to this condo and when we thought YES this is it. He leads us to unexpected things.

On Friday I'll be sharing WHY we decided to buy our condo.