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Tips for Packing

thoughtsJessica1 Comment

We are very slow to pack. I thought we were going at a good pace but the night before we had to move, I didn't think we could finish on time. My parents helped us pack and we just stuffed boxes and threw away a lot of things. Yay to buying new things though! Here are some tips I've gathered. Half of these I didn't do and wish I did.

  1. Buy boxes - don't be frugal. Home Depot sells mediums boxes for under $2. I collected Amazon boxes for 4 months thinking that it would be enough. But it wasn't enough and the boxes just cluttered our apartment.
  2. Label boxes - top and all sides. When you move, you stack the boxes so it's hard to tell what it's in each box. We labeled our boxes with who it belonged to, what's in the box, and what room it should go in.
  3. Bag of cleaning supplies - we set aside these things so that we can clean our home before we unpack our belongings.
  4. Bag of food supplies and utensils - essential for those long hours of moving.
  5. Week's worth of clothes - after packing all our clothes, it just becomes a hassle to have to sort through boxes to find your clothes.
  6. Hire movers - the best tip I can give. We still moved a bit but this took a lot of stress away. We didn't strain our backs and we just directed the movers to move the boxes where they should go. All of our stuff were moved safely too. It took about 7 hours total.

After moving all our things I wanted to call it quits and never move again. From packing to finally moving things, it becomes a hassle. I'm just excited that we're done with that part. Now to unpacking!