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Foreign Creatures

Yama Seafood

foodJessica1 Comment

My friend Shannon told me about Yama Seafood last week and it was definitely a must try for Aaron and me. We went over the weekend and it was an amazing experience. It's a market so you pick what fish you like and they prepare and package it for you. We never ate so much variety of sashimi in the comfort of our home.

You enter the place through the backdoor and then head straight the other end of the market. There will probably be a line already so just wait there while you decide on what to get. All the fishes are individually packaged so you'll just need to point to the guy what fish you want and then he'll cut up the fish nicely for you. We got tuna, salmon, yellowtail, squid, and scallop. The price per pound isn't listed anywhere so we just chose what we wanted. Everything ended up to be $28, which was great cause we were satisfied. Our favorites were the scallop and squid.

They package it so nicely for you and they give you ice packs so it stays fresh!