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Foreign Creatures

Sunday School: Set Apart

  1. Prayer Requests - normally I have every kid write their requests on paper but this time I verbally asked them and 3 kids shared.
  2. Activity - connecting the idea that there are ways that set people apart like how Noah was set apart from others.
    1. Describe animals for kids to guess
    2. Describe a kid in the room and have the kids guess which one of their friends you're describing
  3. Lesson - Genesis 6:5 - 9:7 - Noah's Ark - Main Points
    • God promised to not flood the world again
    • God was sad when His people did not worship Him
    • God created the world and people to worship Him
    • After the flood, Noah built an altar
    • Generations after Adam and Eve. People drew away from God overtime
  4. Activity - kids cut out an ark with brown paper then used markers to create the rest of the artwork. They had to make the rainbow, water, and land with only dots.
  5. Silent Writing - have the kids answer the question what does set apart mean?  Looking for answers like obedience and trust.