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Travelling to NY for Work

travel, letteringJessica2 Comments

Here's my final post on New York. I went for work for 2 nights and 3 days with a coworker of mine. Even though we spent the majority of the day working, we got to explore more than I thought we would! And I heard about the Breather Room for the first time. We used one of their spaces for an interview. It was great because it felt New know what I mean? The whole brick, close to other buildings, and many windows.


Yotel - located in Hell's Kitchen, Yotel is definitely unique and futuristic. They're all about customer experience and putting technology in the forefront.

Times Square - go in the day time and at night. There's a Forever 21 there that closes at 2am!
Rockefeller Center - quarter a mile away from Times Square. Flags everywhere.
Bowling Green Park - ate my burger here and so did the rest of the city. Wow eating outside for lunch? Who does that in California...
Central Park - didn't have enough time to explore and only hit south of the park. We enjoyed our Halal Guys' meals here.

Pio Pio (not pictured) - a block away from where we were staying. Popular dish is the Matador Combo. Feast for 3 really.
Rustic Table - on the corner of our hotel and a cute breakfast place to start the day.
Ippudo Westside - named best ramen and I must agree that it's pretty up there. Must get there before it opens because if you don't, then get ready for hours of waiting.
Friedman's - yummy salmon lox and toast. Try the avocado toast as well!
The Halal Guys - WHAT! Insanely good. Got the combo gyro and chicken with rice. White sauce a must.
The GoGo Grill - get the Battery Burger. It's a burger in an english muffin. Who would've thought.