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Foreign Creatures

Travelling for Work (Virginia/Montreal) Part 4


Here's my last documentation on what we did in Montreal. It may seem like we didn't work but we totally did. We're just good at making use of our time in a different city :) Read Part 1, 2, or 3 for more funness.

First stop after our 11pm flight was to get dinner at Resto La Banquise and order our first poutine. It was already 1am and the place was packed. Someone told us that there's always a line from 3am-6am! It was quite happening on a Thursday night.

The next day we started filming for work right away and then grabbed lunch at Chez Boris got some frozen yogurt at Kem CoBa, and a sesame bagel from Fairmount Bagel. I took pictures but I can't get it out of my memory card for some reason :(

Our last night there we went to a popular street that I do not remember. Maybe not a popular street but it was definitely a nightlife area. Dinner was at Les Deux Gamins where I tried beef tartar for the first time and for dessert I got fleur de sel caramel at Juliette & Chocolat.

There were quite a few stores that were already closed but I still got the chance to visit a candy store and a market.

A lot of homes look like the picture below. Not sure if they're apartments or condos or what though. And a lot of them are different colors. We saw stairs that were painted purple.

For our last coffee run we went to Pikolo Espresso Bar. Every time we went to a coffee shop we had to make sure they provided wifi so we can find our next destination.

While we were filming, a guy from the company told us about some places to visit. There was this one area where you can overlook the city. I believe it's called Parc du Mont-Royal. So we visited right before we had to jet on a plane. And that was the trip! It was so much fun exploring the city in our down time and seeing how people live outside of my LA bubble.