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Foreign Creatures

Travelling for Work (Virginia/Montreal) Part 3


Here are some photos from my trip to Virginia! The Dulles airport in Washington was quite pretty. We had to take a tram to our flight so that was new for me.

First stop was Coffeesmith for caffeine!

For dinner we went to Old Town Alexandria. It reminded me of Old Town Pasadena except a lot more restaurants and it was near water. I ordered Parisian (chicken with brie and ratatouille) from Fontaine Caffe and Creperie and it was quite delicious!

We accidentally went the wrong way and ended up in Maryland but then we got to see the welcome to Virginia sign.

The next day we started filming one of our company's partners then we went to lunch at Cafesano and got their popular red hummus and proscuitto sandwich.

These storefronts reminded me of home. Just a normal town.

On our way to another coffee shop, we passed by these mansions! Okay, maybe not mansions but these houses had huge lots and were so symmetrical.


And lastly we went to 29th Parallel Coffee and Tea. I ordered a caramel maachiato and it was so goooood.

Even though this was a work trip I had a lot of fun trying new things and seeing how life is like in Virginia.