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Foreign Creatures

Sunday School: God's Creation


Our new Sunday School new year has started, which means we get new first graders! Last year we had an average of 14 kids and this year we have 10, which is a lot more manageable. It feels like it's been so long since I last taught so teaching yesterday was great and reminded me why I want to be a Sunday School teacher. Kids absorb what you say and do and I love to teach them about God and who God is. They believe me when I tell them and I want them to grow up understanding more about Him. I'm not their parents and I won't be with them constantly but I value the 1.5 hours I have with them every Sunday.

Here's an overview of what I did yesterday.

  1. Write prayer requests - only 3 of them wrote something to pray about and I thought that was good progress!
  2. Pray
  3. Activity - each kid wrote 2 books of the Bible on an index card. After all books of the Bible are written, I'll have them use the index cards to help them memorize the books of the Bible in order
  4. Word Up! - we'll be doing this every week so the kids can practice using their Bibles. I had all of them turn to John 3:16 and to stand up once they got to the verse. They're doing so well already.
  5. Silent Writing - each kid has a notebook so they write the theme of the week and the memory verse of the week
  6. Lesson - Genesis 1:1. We have a book we use to read to the kids. So I had them turn to the passage and then I read to them from the story book. I'll explain more of this in a later post. We went through God's creation and I had them make hand motions as we went through each day. For example, on the 6th day God created animals so they pretended to be animals using their hands.
  7. Activity - I cut a paper plate in half and made 6 lines to separate the 7 days. In each section, they drew what happened on that day.

This year my co teacher and I are trying new methods of teaching so I'll be sharing that with you guys another time. It was a great first day of teaching and I'm excited for the rest of the year.