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Foreign Creatures

Disneyland Pass?


Aaron and I are reaching our dilemma about renewing our Disneyland pass. We've had a Disneyland pass since we've been together, which is about 5 years now. Every year we're always thinking about not renewing and the possibility of not having one is getting higher and higher because of the cost. But going to Disneyland is one of our favorite pastimes. And it gets more fun when we go with our other yes, we're definitely going to renew! We're going with the lower pass which is about $300...yikes! That used to be the cost of a Deluxe pass. Anyway, it works for us because we're only free to go on the weekdays and that pass allows us to only go on weekdays with the exception of summer weekdays.

Last week we witnessed the magical mops! They mopped up Mickey and Goofy!