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DIY iPad stand

diyJessica6 Comments

I'm so excited to share this project with you! I currently use a picture holder for my mini iPad and I wanted something more modern. And I saw this on Etsy and thought to try to make it myself. It's a very easy me :)

You only need 2 pieces of basswood, hot glue, x-acto knife and paint of choice. Make sure your basswood is thick enough so your tablet is secure.

First, cut one of your basswood into 2 different sized pieces. My first cut was .75 inches long then I cut another .5 inches off the other piece. From the picture below, I used the left piece for the front of my stand and the middle piece for the back of my stand and I threw away the far right piece. Test out your tablet on the wood before cutting the pieces to make sure that's the angle you want your tablet to be at.


Then hot glue your 2 cut pieces onto your other basswood like so. Then paint it whatever color you like. I wanted a bronze color to emulate a wood finish and this paint worked perfectly.


So easy! So try it!