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Coffee Ice Cream

foodJessica1 Comment

I don't make things you can tell with my latte art attempts (1, 2, 3) but I still think it's fun to share with you my progression and process.

For my birthday my coworkers gave me a Cuisin Art Ice Cream Maker! Another kitchen appliance I can play with. My apartment is running out of space for all my hobbies. I think it's time to buy a house to fit everything.

So here's my first attempt at making coffee ice cream!

I put chocolate syrup hoping it would create that cool chocolate effect in the ice cream. It didn't.

A couple of things. I didn't use Whole Milk like I was supposed to. I rebelled because I still had 2 galloons of 2% milk in my fridge. It's also better to use eggs because it'll be creamy and smooth. I didn't do that either because I ran out of eggs. But in the end, Aaron still ate it :) Good thing I didn't make too much.