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Victorian Wedding Guestbook DIY

diyJessica2 Comments

Here's a pretty simple way to make your own Victorian inspired wedding guestbook! With help from my friend Kirstie we were able to complete this project in maybe 2 hours if it wasn't for Netflix.

I printed pages of the married couple on 11x17 paper and then trimmed it to 8.5x11. Then combined those pages with 4 sheets of folded cardstock. That leaves you with 5 papers total that you can start binding with white string. I estimated with 350 guests, you'll need approximately 25 full letter sized paper, which means 5 sets of 5. Did I do that math correctly?

Wedding Guestbook DIY 1.JPG

For the cover I used the front and back of an old book I had. I tore some of the inner lining and then spray painted the cover gold. Then I used a drill to drill a hole big enough to pull a ribbon through then lined the inside cover with black paper that I wrote on.

To bind all the books together I used a thicker ribbon to go through the holes in the cover and through the strings of the paper then I tied it together at the end.

Questions? Did I explain it okay? Hopefully these pictures guide you well through this DIY project.