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Foreign Creatures

Sunday School: Tell Others


Yesterday's Sunday School class was a wrap up from Palm Sunday and Easter. We did an overview of what they learned about Jesus dying on the cross for their sins and raising on the third day. And today's question was what's next? The kids know all this but God calls us to evangelize and tell others God's story. We have to live for Him by obeying his word.

  1. Everyone shared one thing they did this weekend
  2. Pray
  3. Activity - I had them write 3 things about themselves and then I read them out loud for the kids to guess which kid wrote it. It was a good thing I had them write 3 different things. I got some answers that were quite odd so I only used 1 answer from each kid.
  4. Overview of Luke 23
  5. Matthew 28:19 - I broke down the verse for them so they understood what each word meant.
  6. They wrote and memorized Matthew 28:19

It seems like a short lesson but there was a lot of talking. One of my kids said it sounds like I'm making a speech. I do tend to talk a lot so I hope it wasn't too much listening for them!