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Foreign Creatures

Succulent Mini Cakes

foodJessica2 Comments

This was my 2nd attempt (1st attempt) working with fondant and it was again a lot of fun! This time I did it with my friend, Rachel, who is also a baking rad is that. She taught me a lot and I see more baking and decorating in our future!

I learned to use shortening and powdered sugar for the icing to practice frosting.

Rachel suggested we make mini cakes. So smart! Saves a lot of time and ingredients...and it's super cute ;)

After we did the crumb coat, we put it in the refrigerator to set and started sculpting our succulents with marshmallow fondant. I think we got our succulent colors right on too.

Then we iced the mini cakes again and rolled out fondant to go over the cake.

Here it is! We both need more practicing but after 4 hours of prepping the cake and decorating, we were done!