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Foreign Creatures

Unicorn Cake

foodJessica2 Comments

It was my coworkers' birthday a couple of days ago so I thought it would be the opportune time to try fondant for the first time! For my first time I think it went pretty well but the time it took to do everything was so hard. It's like you have to make the cake taste good and have it shaped just right in order to have the fondant sit well on it. But once you mess up, you have to start all over again! It's like one mess up will set you back.

I used this chocolate cake recipe with some modifications, this marshmallow fondant recipe, and this buttermilk frosting recipe with heavy cream instead of milk.

I'm glad I was able to work with the fondant. I thought it would be too firm but it worked well for me. It just took a lot of muscle and rubbed buttered hands so the marshmallow wouldn't stick to my hands. I baked and covered the cake with white fondant the night before and the morning of I decorated the cake. I wish I gave myself more time to decorate because that was the most fun part and the reason why I wanted to make the cake! I only had 45 minutes so I just plopped all the fondant on top of the cake. Next free day I'm just going to sit and sculpt. You can scroll down to see the final product! 

Unicorn Cake12.jpg
Unicorn Cake15.jpg
Unicorn Cake9.jpg
Unicorn Cake8.jpg
Buttermilk icing

Buttermilk icing

Unicorn Cake10.jpg
Unicorn Cake7.jpg
Marshmallow fondant

Marshmallow fondant

Unicorn Cake6.jpg
Unicorn Cake5.jpg
Unicorn Cake4.jpg
Unicorn Cake13.jpg
Unicorn Cake11.jpg
Unicorn Cake1.jpg
Unicorn Cake3.jpg
Unicorn Cake16.jpg

My unicorn is pooping rainbow by the way. #nailedit.