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How I Met My Husband Part 2


This entry is how Aaron and I started dating! I started to like Aaron when I was a junior in high school. RIGHT when he cut his long hair and had it buzzed. It's like my eyes opened!

It was my 1st year of undergrad at UCI and I just finished my 1st quarter of school. At this point, I liked Aaron for 2 years and I felt discouraged. I thought this guy would never like me or notice me. We weren't even friends! So during my church college retreat I was talking with a friend of mine and I decided to forget about Aaron and to be content on being single.

The day after I talked to my friend, I was feeling good about everything. But then we came back from retreat and one of my other friends came up to me and told me Aaron liked me. I was in shock. I was just convicted to be content on being single and then God was just like "Just kidding Jess!" God wanted me to trust in Him and to make Him my number 1 before anyone else.

FIRST CALL - I was so ecstatic after that day and was wondering when Aaron would approach me. It happened sooner than I thought because the next night he called me. My UCI friends and I held game nights on Mondays so we were all hanging out when Aaron called. After the first call from Aaron, I told him I would have to call him back because I was still with everyone. This was right after dinner and I couldn't keep my excitement. I told my friend Kirstie right away.

SECOND CALL - And then we went to my friends' apartment to play a game. I was too anxious to wait until game night was over to call him so I went to the 1st floor of the building and called Aaron. He called to tell me he liked me and wanted me to pray about it and to see if I wanted to start dating him. I didn't have to think about it and told him right away that I liked him too. After we hung up the phone I took Kirstie out with me to share my excitement and to calm me down before going back in the apartment for game night.

THIRD CALL - After our game night, I called him again to see if he wanted to run errands with me on Saturday. We didn't set a next step after our 2nd call and I just wanted to talk to him again so I called him.

On that Saturday we met at Panera and we talked about our relationship and what we were going to do. I'm not sure if this was our first date but it was quite great.

And that's how we started our relationship.

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