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Foreign Creatures

I'm 24!


I am now 24!! And here are 10 things that I've learned this year or rather that is very relevant right now. I'm thinking about it as I write so there's not much thought to this. But who cares because it's my birthday!

  1. Don't worry about money
  2. Networking is still important
  3. Staying busy is better than just having one thing to do
  4. Give a lot. People really see that you love and care for them
  5. Praying with your husband before you sleep is a very uniting time
  6. Having a refreshing drink in hand motivates me
  7. Never stop finding new ways to support your husband
  8. Make time for God
  9. Make time for people
  10. Like my husband always says, "We can't stop creating"

Have a great and enjoyable weekend!