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Foreign Creatures

Latte Art Attempt 3


This time I bought myself 2 coffee cups from Home Goods. I really love the shape and size of it. But I didn't quite achieve what I wanted again. When I pour the remaining milk into the espresso, my foam gets really heavy and slows down. Anyone know why? Is this normal?


Not sure what happened to this one.


It's a glove!


I did it! Just kidding...I used a spoon and just pushed the foam inward.

Sooo it didn't work out again, I'll have to change the way I steam my milk or something. Right now I heat my milk in the microwave then use a frother to get the foam going. Any suggestions? Is something wrong with my steamed milk? Or my pouring? Or does it just take practice?

Great news though! I got this mocha flavor syrup at Home Goods to put in my latte and it tastes yummers.