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Sunday School: Build and Rest


For the past month we have been teaching the first graders about Moses and the tabernacle in Exodus 31. Today we concluded the lesson and focused on the Sabbath.

  1. Independent Reading
  2. Pray
  3. Walk around the church
    1. What: We walked around the church talking a bit about the history of our church. We went downstairs and I explained that we're expanding and we have some people who will be building new classrooms and centers so we can have more space.
    2. Purpose: The kids will learn about our church and know that it is hard work but that people need a place to worship God.
  4. Lesson
    1. Exodus 40 - The tabernacle erected. God used everything he asked of the people. Everything was used.
    2. Exodus 31:12 - God commands us to rest on the Sabbath
  5. Questions
    1. Who decides what you and your family does on Sundays?

    2. How do you rest?

  6. Activity - Building a Kite
    1. What: Have the kids draw on one side of the kite the materials needed to build a tabernacle and have the kids draw things they do on Sundays on the other side. Remind the kids that they need to work hard for God but that He also commands us to rest. We went back downstairs to test out the kites and for the kids to have fun. It was a joy to see them run around. They're so cute and fun!