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Sunday School: Give Cheerfully

Cheerfully Give1.jpg

Yesterday we got an intern for our first grade class. In order to teach a Sunday School class, you need to take a Teacher Training Program (one year) or graduate from seminary school... and so we had someone who observed the class. It's always nice to have extra help as well.

This is what I taught for giving:

  1. Independent Reading
    1. What: We have a set of books in our classroom at all times for the kids to read. It varies between Berenstain Bears to Moses and Finding Jesus (similar to this). I recommend the latter book because it's a pretty fun book...even for myself. I love to find Jesus in the pages. Which gives me the idea of having the kids find a specific word on a page. That would be fun! And that can help them learn a "Bible" vocabulary word.
    2. Purpose: They can settle down a bit before the rest of the kids come
  2. Pray
  3. Game
    1. What: Have the kids get into a circle and have their hands out and eyes closed. Give 2 kids a coin to place on any of the other kids' hands and then have them go back to their original spot. The kids who received a coin will have to guess which one of their peers gave them a coin. You can try this activity with any other small object.
    2. Purpose: Today's lesson is about giving and we just played a game where you had to give someone something.
  4. Lesson
    1. Exodus 35 - Moses assembles the Israelites to gather things to build the tabernacle
    2. v. 1-3: Moses assembles the people
    3. v. 4-9: Moses lists things to bring
    4. v. 10-19: Moses lists things to make
    5. v.20-30: The people bring what they have
    6. v. 31-35: People use their skills to build
  5. Questions
    1. What did God want the Israelites to bring? (Have the kids list them out in a team)

    2. Why did the people have to bring these things? What were they making? (Have the kids lists the things their making)

    3. What kind of attitude did the people who gave have?

    4. What can we give to God?

    5. What has God given you?

  6. Activity 2 - Banners
    1. What: Have the kids write or draw what they can give joyfully on colored construction paper and hang it in the classroom after everyone is done. Below is a picture of some of the kids' banners. They didn't finish in time so we'll finish it next Sunday.
Cheerfully Give2.jpg