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Foreign Creatures

Review: Drinks 1


Lately Aaron and I have been going to coffee shops almost every day! It's getting kind of insane. Even if we haven't finished our drink the day before, we'd still get a new drink! We recently found a new study place with wifi and that's close to our place called Ladybug Tea House. There's a $1.99 milk tea check in offer on Yelp and their milk tea is pretty cookies and cream like. Do you know what I mean? There's some boba places that taste like that and I normally consider those places unsatisfactory but this one's pretty good. So far I've tried Ladybug's almond milk tea, rose sweet tea and wintermelon sweet tea, which is all $3.45. I still haven't found my favorite drink here yet but I think we'll be coming often because it's a pretty happening studying place. The only downside is that their seating is a bit uncomfortable.


Another drink I like is Che Ba Mau, which is a Vietnamese 3 colored dessert. I always thought it was a drink but I guess it's considered a dessert as well!


I wish I had a 3rd drink to share but that's what we've been drinking so far. This is part 1 of drinks because I'm sure I'll have so much more drinks to share with you all. Have a great weekend!