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Interchangeable Cake Stand

Cake Stand8.jpg

I'm so excited to share this project with you guys! I've been wanting a cake stand for awhile so I decided to make my own seeing how easy it is. I used dry clay for my deer project and I loved how it's so moldable and great it dries so I used it for this project as well. I also used this cake stand to display my work at the E30 conference. I got the clay from Target, wood from Michaels and PVC pipes from Home Depot. I also got a shorter but thicker PVC pipe to connect the PVC and wood together (not shown in picture below)

Cake Stand6.jpg
Cake Stand5.jpg
Cake Stand4.jpg
Cake Stand3.jpg

I measured the base insert by putting my PVC pipe right in the middle and deep enough where the PVC pipe isn't wobbly.

Cake Stand1.jpg

I painted the base a metallic color and then spray painted it after. I'm not sure if you can just spray paint the clay though. Does anyone know? I had a dried clay spot and when I spray painted it, it didn't show up like how I wanted it to so I'm glad I coated it with acrylic paint first. After spray painting everything, I hot glued my short PVC pipe to the circular base but I didn't glue my bigger PVC pipe to the shorter base and I didn't glue the bigger PVC pipe to the bottom base because I want my base to be interchangeable.

Cake Stand2.jpg
Cake Stand7.jpg

Look! It's so easy to take the PVC off of the base and it's still sturdy when it's all put together.

Cake Stand9.jpg