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Foreign Creatures

Switchfoot: The World You Want


One of the things I like about Switchfoot is what they write about and how they sing it. They're so poetic and I feel like a lot of their lyrics are metaphors of life. In this song they have children from South Africa sing a portion of their song. This is what Switchfoot's drummer Chad Butler had to say about it:

We were honored to have the opportunity to visit these kids again after our first trip several years back. Most of these kids are orphaned by AIDS, but the joy they have when they sing and dance is contagious. We had this song idea coming into seeing them again, and it found a new context being with those kids. Jon grabbed his guitar, and the kids joined in singing the words, and it's one of the most beautiful parts of the album. Every time I hear that song, I remember the faces of those kids.

Interview by Kent Matthews

Album: Fading West

Love Alone is Worth the Fight / Who We Are / When We Come Alive / Say It Like You Mean It