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Sunday School: Working Hard


Yesterday's Sunday School went a lot better than the last time I taught! God has given me patience for these kids and definitely words to speak. In the beginning of class one of my kids started to cry. I never know what to do when a kid cries! But then I spoke with her outside and then everything was better. I also need to remind myself to take pictures during Sunday School!

Working Hard.jpg

Here's the breakdown of my lesson on Working Hard:

  1. Snowflake Craft

    • What: Store bought snowflakes from craft store.

    • Purpose: They love crafts and this was a fast and simple craft to start the morning.

  2. Prayer Requests

    • What: Each kid writes their prayer requests on a slip of paper

    • Purpose: They've been doing this pretty often and I want the kids to be able to make requests to God and learn how to pray. When asked what their prayer requests are, they normally can't think of anything so I've been having them really think about it and write it down. They've been doing so well with this!

  3. Hook

    • What: Ask the kids what kind of work they do. Some answers I got were: school, fold clothes, clean the dishes, clean their room and put away their toys.

    • Purpose: Leads into how God gives us work to do and how God gave people in the Bible work to do. For example, God has given Noah, Moses and Jesus a job to do and they all completed God's job with a good attitude.

  4. Lesson

    • Genesis 2:4-24 - God made Adam and Eve and gave them the job of tending the garden and cultivating it (v. 15). God also gave Adam the job of naming every living creature (v.19-20).

    • I also asked the kids what's the greatest work God has done? God has done the greatest work by sending his son to die for us. Jesus has done the greatest work for us by forgiving our sins. So we have to have a good attitude as well and do our best for God.

  5. Activity - String Bracelets/Keychain

    • What: Have the kids use string to make bracelets or keychain (similar to this but a lot simpler).

    • PurposeWe have to work hard and do our best. If we want a bracelet, we have to work hard for it. This could be a reminder bracelet for them as well.