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Foreign Creatures

How I Met My Husband Part 1


I have a poor memory so documenting things is a must have for me. I don't remember my very first encounter with him but I do know how I met him. So here's Part 1 - How I Met Him.

I met Aaron at church when I was in the high school youth group. He was the music counselor so he recruited kids to play music, led devotionals for the music team, taught the kids how to play music and led the team for the night. He was in college at the time and I was a sophomore in high school. All I knew about him was that he played a lot of instruments and he was my good friends' brother.

I played drums, congo and bongo when I was in the junior high youth group so when I was a sophomore, Aaron asked me to play in the music team. I understood the gospel then but I didn't have the right attitude towards my faith so in my head I was thinking, "Cool! I can play drums at church and feel so rad or look so cool." So totally bad motivation and not cool. Anyway, I was a part of the high school music team and we would practice almost every Friday night before the fellowship started. Through that time he taught me how to play drums better and that's it. I had no relationship with him at all. We wouldn't even call each other friends. And at that time his hair was super down to his hip so I didn't even think he was that good looking (I think he is now). Plus he was like 5 years older than me so I was like ehhh no.

So that's how I met Aaron. Part 2 will be how we started dating. ooohhh exciting. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Don't forget...every day is share the love day.